When my son, Sunny was in the hospital, I used to drive 70+ miles, both ways, to visit him everyday. I didn’t stay in the hospital with him because at first excess stimulation was detrimental to his recovery and also there was no room for parents. He just needed to rest and heal, and so did I, I was recovering from a C-section.

Then as he healed and was no closer to being released I realized that I needed to be his advocate. That the doctors weren’t always right. And in fact they had misread his chart and were feeding him through a feeding tube unnecessarily. If I hadn’t gone and stayed in that hospital the last three days, theres no telling when he would have been discharged. 

I was listening to this song on the way to the hospital when I decided to stay by his side. It was very powerful almost overpowering. This song along with a few others helped me get through those weeks with some sanity.